Forget Who You Are

28th Thu Sep 2017

Forget Who You Are


Sometimes you just have to forget who you are to get to who you can become. When i mean forget, i mean you sometimes need major radical changes from what you're used to. It may sound scary, but often times, this is the breakthrough you need to get to the next level.

So how can you apply this to your life right now to become something greater than what you are and to become who you truly want to be?

Well heres a list of six things to get you started on that path:

1. Understand that you are not anybody, who you think you are is an illusion built up from stories you tell yourself about the past. Start creating new patterns and stop living on past glories.

2. Understand that the real question is not Who am I? but Who am I becoming?. Once this belief system shifts, change starts.

3. Understand that transformation, growth, improvement and change is 20% tactics, and 80% forgetting who you are to make way for who you can become.

4. The fastest way to slaughter who you are is to do something that you definitely wouldnt do. The more extreme the belief you shatter, the more profound the change to yourself will be. Eg someone who has lived all his life as a thrifty saver becoming a luxurious spender, its radical but impactful.

5. If you feel like an imposter and totally uncomfortable in your own skin, because these changes dont align with your beliefs and who you are - Good. Do more of it and push harder. Change is happening.

6. Do something bold. Move house, move countries, change your style, listen to different music, change your hair, quit your job, start doing something different that rewires your thought patterns. Scientists say new patterns re-networks the neurons in your brain and channels new paths. You need this to keep those brain cells active.

These are just simple ways to start, there's a lot more. The most important thing, is to get started.

I hope this helps you on your journey.

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