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Success we have come to understand means different things to different people. Success for some is having a happy family, for others its having millions in the bank account, while some others see success as being able to travel all around the world and see beautiful places. Some just see success as being in a quiet place with loved ones.

You'll agree that whatever success means to you, it requires you working towards that goal. And one asset that can help you is getting the right vehicle and chauffeur that can take you there. This is where Sunkanmi Adewusi comes in.

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Sunkanmi Adewusi

Sunkanmi's passion stems from motivating people reach their hidden potentials. Having started his career in the Corporate world, with close to 10 years experience with financial institutions in Corporate and Retail marketing with 4 different national and multinational banks, he understands the pressures people face daily to meet up with targets and deadlines.

Since starting his own Business Empire in 2010, partnering with several multinational companies from America, Asia and Europe to establish their brands in Africa, he and his team groomed close to 20,000 business developers/partners directly and indirectly and helped many of them grow their income in seven figures.


Sunkanmi currently travels around different places, offline and online to train and mentor others on how to become a better version of themselves and suggests viable business ideas to augment their current Income.


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In the first quarter of 2017, Sunkanmi and his team of business experts helped over 200 people in more than 5 countries make 7 figure incomes. It was a 90 days project, but was achieved in 67 days.

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Sunkanmi Adewusi

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